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Several years ago, I accidently drove over a patch of black ice and hit a curb with the Escape. Mercifully, there was no mechanical damage (my pride was hurt...) however, the wheel took some curb damage. It didn't bother me then, but I put off repairing it since the car came with the optional PVD chrome wheels. Now, after doing a headlight retrofit and Kuga tail lights, it's time to give the wheels some love.

I inquired about wheel repair, but the shop said that they don't do chrome wheels. Is this true or is it BS? I also thought about powered coating the wheels silver, but it would cost approximately $650 to do the whole set. The last option is Focus ST snowflakes, but my head is telling me that the three-millimeter difference in offset might affect the car negatively. That's not including the cost to obtain a set of ST snowflakes and new tires.. Thoughts? Attached is the damage inflected. Feel free to criticize 😂
3mm different in offset is nothing. there will be ZERO negative effects.
get the snowflakes if you like them. these cars are very forgiving to different wheel sizes and tire sizes.

or buy a single new chrome wheel. here is the part number.
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