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2020 Ford Escape Hybrid - replace 12 volt battery with larger Group 48 AGM

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Here's a quick how to video that I made showing replacing the stock 12v 45AH lead acid battery with a 12v 70AH AGM battery.
Some folks have had issues with the stock 12v battery running down and not being able to unlock the vehicle, or start it by remote, or some to even start it at all, as it is needed to engage the relays for the high voltage battery. Some also get the "Deep Sleep" message in the FordPass app that indicates a low battery voltage for the 12v battery.
Adding a larger AGM battery helps to prevent these issues.
Besides topping up the AGM battery prior to install, it took about 20 minutes.

Edit - The 12 volt battery is under the floor in the rear cargo area. In the Titanium hybrid, the spare tire covers it, so remove the spare tire to see it. In the SE hybrid, there is no spare tire, so you'll see it once you lift up the floor of the rear cargo area. - Edit

Here is the battery that I used because I found one for $125! https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B008FWCLHU
But any Group 48 AGM 12 volt battery will work. (Also called size H6)

Edit 2 - Thanks to a tip, I checked with the Ford service department and they said they do need to reset the BMS for an AGM battery. - Edit 2

Edit 3 - If you want to keep it all Ford, or have the dealer do it, here is the Ford battery:
Part #: BAGM48H6760 (48H6)
https://parts.ford.com/shop/en/us/electrical/battery-and-related-components/battery-7862483-1 - Edit 3

For everyone asking, here is the BMS reset procedure
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Just posted this on another thread but figured I'd include it here. Thanks again Colorado_Al for the deep research and fix.

First time I've ever joined an Escape forum in order to login and post a comment. I have been going down this rabbit hole for my wife's 2020 Escape Hybrid SE SPORT for about a year and a half now. Deep sleep is such a pain when the only way you can remote start is by using the app(SE Sport keyfob doesn't have the start button).

March 2021 the battery it came with(10/2019 build date purchased in 01/2020) had been in deep sleep on and off for awhile and finally got tired of it. The dealer replaced the battery because it was deemed a bad battery(drained too much over time). My wife works very close to home and with the pandemic we weren't doing long trips of driving.

Oct 2021 took it back in because it started deep sleep again and they charged the battery and returned it to us. Not even a day later deep sleep returned. Their so called fix to me was bs..."just drive it more". Not a real fix! So after doing a bunch of research I came across numerous threads, and the one that gave me my final decision was from Colorado_Al. I called the dealership up and after being bounced around between service, parts, and service talking with a technician, and many choice words later, they scheduled me to have the 48AGM installed(despite their numerous objections and statements that it could potentially cause damage).Ford does not want to admit blame with this because if they did, they would have to issue a recall and install expensive AGM batteries in thousands of vehicles at their expense. Rather than fighting with Ford any further, we foot the bill for the larger battery that is present in late 2020 production models and current 2021 models.

11/5/2021: Today is the day that they finally installed the battery for us. With how much of a pain it's been, I decided to get a new OBDLink cable since I couldn't find my old one. I'm glad I did. Yes, they did use Forscan to update the BMS battery type to AGM. But no, they didn't update the actual battery options away from factory name. Also I noticed SOC(state of charge) was showing 120(%). Most likely that was due to them having the AGM battery listed but still claiming it was the 45ah battery. I manually decided to change it to 80% when I switched the actual battery name over to the 70ah AGM.

Based on what I have seen in multiple threads, there hasn't been anyone that this didn't fix their issues with deep sleep. But just to be safe, when we go out of town tomorrow, i'm bringing the laptop and obd cable with. I want to thank everyone who's brought up these issues and giving it attention because we were close to just giving up and trading the car in for a gas version.

Moral of the story: Just pay out of pocket for the AGM battery...it'll be less hassle.
Actually the dealers use Ford FDRS, not ForScan so they don't set battery types manually all they would have done is a follow the service function to do a battery reset. The higher charge state showing in ForScan is more than likely due to the BMS system in the Hybrid expecting a nominal voltage of ~11.75 vDC and the AGM voltage out of the box being higher.
That's correct.
On the Hybrids the battery is used as the power supply for booting the electronics and to provide accessory power when the ignition is off. The BMS in this case looks at when the battery is consistently under 10.5v when the ignition is turned on rather than months in service like it does with the conventional engine.

The dead give away on a Hybrid needing a new 12v battery is when you get the system off to save battery screen less than 10 minutes after you've recently driven the car for 10+ miles.
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It's much more than kicking a relay.
The 12v battery is the power source for booting all of the electronics up (PCM/BCM/BEMS/INVERTER), once those are fully powered up the PCM will start the engine.
There's only 1 battery holder for the 2020+ Hybrid, the battery probably wasn't seated square when it was originally tightened down.
The AGM is an H6 vs the conventional which is a T4.
T4 dimensions: 6 15/16" W x 6 7/8" H x 8 1/8" L
H6 dimensions: 6 7/8" W x 7 9/16"H x 12 1/16" L

Basically around 1/2" taller and 4" longer, the battery hold down is on the base, the top bracket is a shield.
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